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Funabashi City H.C.Andersen park


Windmill fountain photographH.C.Andersen park is park where green comprised of naughtiness kingdom, hill of fairy tale, child Museum, natural experience, five zones (repent, and come) of castle of flower is rich in.
There are facilities which can play at ease freely, and, in naughtiness kingdom zone, adult gains popularity let alone children including lawn open space, contact open space with pony and small animals including field athletic, too.
Hill zone of fairy tale reproduces Danish rural scenery of the 1800s when world-famous writer of children's story, Andersen including Danish style windmill and farmhouse played an active part.
Child Museum zone can experience pleasure and joy that children make.
Walk road surrounds natural Disaster Simulation Zone around waterside and rice field where damp plants grow thick and can experience nature of seasonal village forest.
Castle zone of flower is new zone where art object and playground equipment reflecting the image of Andersen children's story were placed, and small children can enjoy play of creation and imagination.                    


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Hill of fairy tale

Children's story building

We can rediscover person image of world-famous writer of children's story, Andersen, the profound charm including introduction of town and nature of Denmark Odense.

Children's story building photograph

Andersen image

Odense city where it was admitted reproduction for the first time out of Denmark becoming, Andersen image of H.C.Andersen park.
Height 2 to envy. 8 meters

Andersen image photograph

What kind of person is Andersen?

The name is called "Hans Christian Andersen".
1805 is April 2 not to sleep or is born as poor shoemaker of birth Odense.
We follow 1819 in nomiyako, Copenhagen, Denmark to become 14 sai actors who does not sleep.
We pass entrance examination) of 1828 23 sai University not to lie. We begin to go ahead through way as writer. We travel in various parts of Europe afterwards.
40 sai "minikuiahirunoko where 1845 does not lie," "match urinoshojo" writes "we hide thumb" "naked states to chase".
1875 is 70 sai August 4 not to sleep or dies in Copenhagen


Pull Danish style powder which Danish windmill craftsman dealt with; windmill.
hontainotakasa 16. 4 meters
1 mainohanenonagasayaku 11. 3 meters

Windmill photograph

Event open space

As for the fountain of the open space center where we spread stone of the production in Denmark all over, children's story "minikuiahirunoko" becomes motif.
4 that high image of central swan envies. 2 meters.

Event open space photograph

Community center

Outer wall and lattice window of crimson become Danish building.

Community photograph

We reproduce farmhouse of farmhouse Denmark

Roof displays reed bukide, inside bed at the time or wooden nonaga bench, closet, farming implements.

Farmhouse photograph

Solar pond

hirosayaku 1. 6 hectares. (to 16, 000 to envy one meter)
Other than area that can enjoy boat play, there are small creatures and space touching where reed, plants of waterside including reed mace grow thick.

Solar pond photograph

Solar bridge

13 meters of bridges to burn bind 84 meters, height that length burns naughtiness kingdom zone and hill zone of fairy tale together.

Solar bridge photograph


Boat platform of solar pond is farmhouse-style building which set lawn on roof in Europe.

Boathouse photograph

Naughtiness kingdom

Athletic of forest

Field athletic proud of scale eminent Japan to.
Let's challenge family, adventure, forest of test of strength, four courses of dynamic.

Athletic photograph

Naughtiness castle

There are roller slider to slide down dynamically and rope slider which is popular among everybody.

Naughtiness castle photograph

Large slide

From tower top of naughtiness castle, let's slide down length of 50 meters at a stretch!

Large slide photograph

juemu tower

It is tower which made ""juemon" of strong person gentle at heart" coming up in old folktale of Funabashi motif.

juemu tower

Image which "causes peace"

Taro Okamoto production
We were able to do it in October when 1988 did not lie down as peaceful city declaration memory symbol image of Funabashi City.

Image photograph which causes peace

nijino pond

Rainbow appears on day when it was fine.

Pond photograph of rainbow

Spring of Archimedes

Is said that Archimedes devised; "is water learning facilities where arranged spiral type pump, screw, teko-type water pump, footrail waterwheel for.

Spring photograph of Archimedes

Pony open space

We can get on pony by previewing of a horse to be entered in a race. 50 meters to envy one lap.
There is contact open space with small animals such as goat, sheep, rabbit, marmot, too.

Pony open space photograph

Heteromorphic bicycle

We ride various bicycles including model with classic car and hood and can run in green grove.

Heteromorphic bicycle photograph

Naughtiness ball island

It is island that there was in lawn open space from colorful ball of a lot of big things and small things.

Natural experience

It is waterside of village forest which kept existing forest place and damp ground where were next to on northwest side of naughtiness kingdom zone alive.

Child Museum

kodomobijutsukan photograph

Let's make various things with own power.

  • Atelier of meal
  • Atelier of dyeing and weaving
  • Atelier of ceramic art
  • Atelier of tree
  • Atelier of print

Underground building

Friend, metasequoia of cedar. Let's observe the mysterious world of state and the underground of root of delicate tree powerfully.

Underground building photograph

Andersen studio

We transform ourselves by clothes and makeup and can experience Andersen children's story.

H.C.Andersen park is paid park

Entering a kindergarten rate is necessary to enter park.

  • General 900 yen
  • Primary and secondary student 200 yen
  • Infant (4 saikara) 100 yen
  • Parking lots 500 yen

There is very attractive annual passport.
It is replaced by season on day to be closed at opening of the park time.

We want to know in detail

We can access homepage of H.C.Andersen park from the following link

In detail to H.C.Andersen park
Telephone 047-457-6627

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Parks and Green Spaces Section administration / phone number: 047-436-2555 /FAX: 047-436-2539/ Email form
〒273-8501 2-10-25, Minatocho, Funabashi-shi, Chiba
Time in : 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. / holiday : It is January 3 from holiday, December 29 on Sundays and holidays on Saturday, Sunday