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Basic information of public hall

Opening time

  • From 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Time in of window

  • 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. on opening day

Rental time

Division Use time
Part of the morning From 9:00 a.m. to the midday
Matinee From the midday to 3:00 p.m.
Part of the afternoon From 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Evening performance From 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

※Unit of rental is unit for 1 for three hours.
※We can use by unit more than use of unit time for one hour on the day of the use only when there is not group which reserved unit at the next use time of unit at use time when we made a reservation beforehand. By the end of use of unit time reserved beforehand, please perform reservation procedure for extension and payment of the fee for use at the same time. In addition, please confirm in public hall to use as extension of evening performance is until 9:30 p.m., and procedure has to perform by 5:00 p.m.

Closed day

  • In principle last Monday (when last Monday is 28th, we do 21st with closed day.) of every month
  • Holiday holiday (when holiday falls on Sunday, we are opened on Sunday and do with the closure on Monday of the next day.)
  • It is January 3 from December 29
Closed day of public hall of 2018
Year MON Day (day)
2018 April 30th (Monday, holiday)
May On 3rd (Thursday Sundays and holidays), 4th (Friday Sundays and holidays), 5th (Saturday Sundays and holidays),
21st Monday
June 25th Monday
July 16th (Monday Sundays and holidays), 30th Monday
August 11th (Saturday Sundays and holidays), 27th Monday
September 17th (Monday Sundays and holidays), 24th (Monday, holiday)
October 8th (Monday Sundays and holidays), 29th Monday
November 3rd (Saturday Sundays and holidays), 23rd (Friday Sundays and holidays), 26th Monday
December 24th (Monday, holiday), 29th Saturday, 30th Sunday, 31st Monday
2019 January 1st (Tuesday Sundays and holidays), 2nd Wednesday, 3rd Thursday, 14th (Monday Sundays and holidays), 21st Monday
February 11th (Monday Sundays and holidays), 25th Monday
March 21st (Thursday Sundays and holidays), 25th Monday

※As well as the closed day mentioned above, it may become the closure due to construction.

The fee for use

Procedure to use public hall

Confirmation of use group

  • Come over to public hall to use and confirm that we meet requirements to have you use public hall mainly.
  • In the case of confirmation, we may ask about the income and expenditure, lecturer of terms, the rules of a society and meeting of meeting.

Person who can use public hall

 As a general rule, in group comprised of two or more, the contents unite purpose of Social Education Act Article 20, and it is when it does not conflict with law Article 23.
 In addition, it is requirements thing in city activity place (office) that is main in higher than half person of house city residence that is higher than two members in the group in the city or working, attendance at school. In the case of group where these requirements are not met, use rate takes an extra charge 5.

※We do not rent public hall of Motoichi to individual.

The following case is not available

  • When it is admitted that it is aimed for case for the purpose of profit or use about profit (the use of classroom, private school personal as example, thing which lecturer including lesson classroom which is not citizen's circle hosts by oneself and runs, use of company, others profit organization, sale act of article, invitation of commercial transaction)
  • Business about interest of specific political party
  • When it is accompanied by business in support of specific religion and religious act
  • When it is admitted that we might disturb public order and good manners and customs (when it is accompanied by musical instrument performance of megavolume, big vibration and noise, bad smell as example and might give nuisance to other users and neighborhoods)
  • When, commencing with carry-on and banquet of alcoholic beverages, it is admitted that we use for the purpose of eating and drinking
  • When it conflicts with the Fire Services Act
  • When it becomes profit of gang
  • In addition, when it is admitted that we have difficulty in management

※When purpose of use corresponds as above, we may cancel case and licensing to assume use suppression.

※Even if it is group using public hall, we collect thing which is similar to admission or this, and organiser cannot loan anymore when we carry out lectures for citizens whom profit occurs. You have you submit budget book beforehand and judge, and please submit financial statements after the enforcement. For more details, please refer to public hall planning use.

Use registration of Lifelong-learning Facility Reservations management system

  • As a general rule, after the examination of use group, it is necessary to do use registration of "Lifelong-learning Facility Reservations management system" (the following, reservation system) to use public hall. (please refer to the following for the details.)
  • About group where it is assumed that purpose of use of public hall is aimed for change and sometimes profit each time, reservation system is not available. Please refer to public hall to use for applications for use of public hall directly.

About use registration of Lifelong-learning Facility Reservations management system

  • We need use registration of reservation system to perform lottery application or occasional reservation application by reservation system.
  • When we use and register, application for all public halls is enabled. But we would like reservation of facilities and payment, application procedure of the fee for use to public hall to use.
  • We can perform use registration mainly at window of public hall to use.
  • Please fill in predetermined use registration application to hand in public hall with name, representative of group, activity contents, member constitution. Report of password (from six columns 12 columns) is necessary on this occasion.
  • Use registration is effective for two years.
  • We can perform update of use registration in public hall which we registered.

Use application using reservation system

About reservation system, please see this. 

Use application schedule of public hall

Procedure Date The number of times
Lottery application From 6th three months before the moon to use to 15th
※About facilities in hope of use, we can apply for lottery.
To four times
Lottery day 16th three months before the moon to use
Successful confirmation and successful application From 17th three months before the moon to use to 26th
※Election becomes invalid when we do not do procedure (election application) within this period.
In conjunction with election to four times
※There is no limit of use this month.
Occasional reservation application From 28th 9:00 three months before the moon to use to the day before
※About vacant facilities, reservation application is possible on first-come-first-served basis.
About payment

You are expected to pay by use on the day of the use at window, and please receive use authorization. In addition, there is not gift in return of the fee for use even if use is canceled as for the fee for use that you were expected to pay once on account of the use group.
※Window is 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.
※Please pay use of evening performance (from 6:00 p.m. 9:00) by 5:00 p.m. on the day.

※Way of counting is on the basis of the number of rooms every use unit becoming the number of times, but can count "once" "four times" when use uses the same room in (e.g., we use morning part and matinee in succession) when 2 units continue.
 In addition, in the case of room with mobile partitioning, we can count two rooms which threw partitioning open with one room.

※We can use hall of Miyamoto, Futawa, Katsushika Public Hall for presentation, lecture of music and dance, movie society like theater hall. As this "use of hall" varies in acceptance day and reservation method, please refer to public hall to use.

The number of times that we can use in one month

  • We put for reservation together with thing that we won at any time by lot and, as a general rule, are doing the number of times that one group can use all city public halls for 4 times in one month so that groups as many as possible use public hall.
  • Number of times restrictions mentioned above are canceled on 1st of the moon where day to use is included in. There are no number of times restrictions of use this month.

Time frame when we can use for once

  • Use time frame of the day is until 2 consecutive unit six hours.

We set a limit to other use

  • When use of public hall is possible, by "the number of times that we can use in one month" mentioned above and use within "the time frame when we can use for once", we cannot reserve facilities more than two between at the same time on the same day at any time.


  • ELECTION ADMINISTRATION COMMISSION takes first priority at the time of election and shall use assembly rooms of public hall becoming polling place. Citizen's group, circle already reserves public hall assembly rooms and, even in the case of application finished, may not lend assembly rooms when we were elected.

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