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Tracking fire

Is there electric appliance inserting plugs such as TV, refrigerator, washing machine in outlet?
Dust collects to plug and increases moisture when we leave unattended in such a state for a long time, and insulation region between double-edged blade of plug (part which electricity does not come to flow in) changes into state that electricity is easy to gradually drift to with heat, and when electricity drifts there, we short-circuit, and it may be for fire.
We pull plug of electric appliance out of outlet, and we clean dust which attached diligently, and let's remove.
Tracking fire image that flame breaks out from plug inserted in outlet with wall

Octopus-like legs wiring fire

We come to use many electric appliances by the spread of home electric appliances and OA apparatuses and are apt to become "octopus-like legs wiring" without enough the number of outlets.
Outlet is overheated when we use electric appliance more than electric tolerance of outlet and may become fire.
Let's stop "octopus-like legs wiring" exceeding electric tolerance of outlet.
Illustration which fire seems to produce from outlet with wall by octopus-like legs wiring

Wiring cord fire

We use damaged cord, and load suffers from the part, and wiring cord using in state that heavy thing including state and chest, desk which we bundled up appeared in is snapped and it may be and is dangerous at all to fire.
We change damaged cord early, and what we put heavy baggage on use and the cord in state that we bundled up and use will stop.
Of tracking, leadership wiring, octopus-like legs wiring, wiring stamp; illustration of equal electricity fire danger

Wall plug fire

As for the example that fire produces from all around of outlet, "octopus-like legs wiring fire" is not "wiring cord fire" "tracking fire".
In the outlet inside buried in inner wall, fire may occur.
This is different by established place, but, as for the outlet using at humid place including washroom, restroom, fire by tracking phenomenon occurs in indoor wiring and joint of outlet switch kitchen in particular.
In addition, as fire has occurred by dew condensation occurring as for the thing which passed for a long time in not only the surface but also the box inside, and component deteriorating after installing outlet, we ask for check and give a periodical test on electricity supplier, and let's prevent outbreak of fire.
Image which became fire from the implanted outlet inside

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