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Administration policy

Funabashi City homepage makes use of characteristic of the Internet and provides information such as news, event from city, various services in real time and is intended that we hear opinions about municipal administration.
In addition, in consideration for accessibility and usability, anyone aims at homepage that it is easy to use.

About policy for accessibility

Funabashi City official homepage accessibility policy is this

Internet recommendation environment of user

Funabashi City homepage recommends that you see in the following environment.
When we use by browser out of the recommendation, malfunction such as not being displayed definitely may occur.

  • After Internet Explorer6.0
  • After FireFox3.6
  • After Safari3.1
  • After Opera9.5
  • GoogleChrome

Necessary software

The following software is necessary to use function of information guide navigation of common header, and to see some contents.

Depending on page including Download Applications and electronic application, the following software is necessary.

  • "Word" "Excel" (Microsoft)


Thing about the whole homepage

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Thing about contents of each page

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