Inquiry, opinion, request

Update day: Thursday, June 29, 2017 (Heisei 29)

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Common question and answer

Before inquiry, please see "question happening quite often" that we summarized inquiry that is sent a lot by all of you in.


Inquiry about duties

Please refer to post in charge for inquiries about duties directly.
Please input department name into search column (when you read from PC, you are displayed by top right corner of page) to check Contact information and business content of post in charge. Or we can look for from the following link.

                   List of City Organization

Opinion, request for municipal administration

In Funabashi City, we make use of voice of citizen's all of you in promotion of town development.
We look forward to constructive opinion for your municipal administration.
Future municipal administration administration takes opinion, request sent by all of you into account and we consider and will carry out the correspondence method about feasible thing immediately in department in charge of. 

Electronic mailbox

We accept "opinion, request" for municipal administration on homepage.
※We would like "inquiry" or "request" in department in charge about thing understanding jurisdiction directly.

                  Electronic mailbox  

The municipal administration post

We accept opinion, request for municipal administration by sealed letter and postcard.
Exclusive sealed letter and postcard become freepost and prepare in city hall, General Service Center in front of Funabashi Station (the fifth floor of the face building), Branch Office, Liaison Office, library, public hall.

Petition, petition

About petitions to the mayor, we accept in the first floor of the city hall Public Information Section.
※There is not decided format, but please fill in Name (in the case of group group name and Name of Representative), address, Contact information, phone number by all means.
※Please refer to direct CITY ASSEMBLY SECRETARIAT for thing to submit to Funabashi City CITY ASSEMBLY.