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Main contents of portable site

Public information Funabashi

We extract article of public information Funabashi to issue on 1st and 15th, and "news from city" "event" "offer" "event of facilities" "health information" is placed every month

Emergency care information

  • Holiday and guidance of night emergency care
  • Emergency pediatric service guide (child places disease and information to be helpful when we had injury)
  • Information about fire, first aid, crime prevention, disaster prevention
  • Funabashi Emergency Info Email (security, reliable information of living, Funabashi fire, emergency information, Funabashi photochemical smog, PM2.5 information)
  • Funabashi disaster information email

Information of Life

  • Citizen convenience book (guidance of various procedures and services of city hall)
  • Mail delivery service
  • List of public facilities
  • Directory enquiries

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