The 51st Funabashi citizen Festival

Update day: Friday, May 11, 2018 (Heisei 30)

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 As held schedule of "Funabashi citizen festival" colonizing as summer feature of Funabashi was fixed, we introduce.

meido, in, Funabashi <Funabashi Citizen's Gallery>

 State of implementation of last year is this on Sunday for from Friday, July 27 to 29th 

 ※We are going to publish the details this year in the beginning of July.

Joey & shopping fair <Funabashi venue>

 The Saturday, July 28 details are this ※We start recruitment of people from branch on Tuesday, May 15.

Contact Festival

Funabashi venue

 Sunday, July 29

Nakayama, Narashinodai, Futawamukodai venue

 From Saturday, July 28 to 29th Sunday

We raise contact Festival "Funabashi venue" participation groups

1. Offer contents

(1)Saturday, July 28

 Program without sound facilities including Hon-cho, Miyamoto street drum, embu

(2)Sunday, July 29

 In according to Hon-cho, Miyamoto, station square street mikoshi portable shrine, people dance parade, Baka-Men parade, it is program of parade form

 Program using sound facilities including Funabashi Station north exit festival open space dance mini-live

 Program without sound facilities including drum, embu

2. Participation condition

(1)Group which moves into action in Funabashi City

(2)Less than 100 1 group

3. Application

 Please submit application to Funabashi City Commerce & Industry Promotion Section by mail, FAX, bringing by from Tuesday, May 15 to Thursday, May 31.

 ※As you send predetermined application to application hope group, please refer over telephone.
 ※It becomes lottery on a lot of applications.

 Port of Funabashi Shinsui Koen fireworks display

 Wednesday, August 1 ※Spare day Thursday, August 2

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