Civic power utilization business plan offer

Update day: Wednesday, April 11, 2018 (Heisei 30)

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Plan that we want to try in public hall can be realized! We raise your power very much!

 We raise plans of lecture and event to carry out in public hall from citizen's all of you. You plan modern theme and promising unique business with professional staff of public hall, and do you not run?

  1. Qualifications: Group (group) which half or more compose of working, person of attendance at school resident in the city
  2. Application method: It is presentation to public hall which fills in matter necessary for "civic power utilization business proposal" of placement in each public hall, and hopes for enforcement by the last day four months a month before business holding. ※"Civic power utilization business proposal" (word format) is this
  3. Application period: It is occasional from Sunday, April 1, 2018 to Friday, November 30, 2018.
    But we close as soon as the number of the planned business (15 business) is settled.
  4. Business operation period: It is March, 2019 from August, 2018
  5. Business outline: Lecture and event that featured the theme of culture, sports, the welfare, environment, education to let you activate thing, others, area to do the modern society and local problems, the making of purpose of life and life wealthily.
    ※We are inapplicable as follows
    We perform presentation of application group and profit-making activity of private school
    Culture classroom-like thing of hobby
    It was aimed for specific political activity, religious activity, profit
  6. Operating cost: City bears lecturer reward (100,000 yen limit) to affect business.
  7. Examination decision: Director enforcement citizen examines, and business plan that there was of suggestion decides business operation after having listened to opinion of public hall administration deliberative council based on "civic power utilization business examination standard".
    We perform hearing about suggestion business before examination.
  8. Inquiry: To each city public hall in hope of business operation.
    List of flyer, public halls of "civic power utilization business" is this

Enforcement summary
※"Civic power utilization business operation summary" is this

Business proposal, business operation report
※"Business operation report" is this "civic power utilization business proposal"
※"Business operation report" (word form) is this "civic power utilization business proposal"

Examination standard
※"Civic power utilization business examination standard" is this

Flyer, each public hall
※List of flyer, public halls of "civic power utilization business" is this

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