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Circle introduction (in detail)

It is with image and, here, introduces each circle. Person (Contact information) with interest, please contact public hall.

Meeting (the making of children's story) of Tsudanuma children's story

Photograph which is producing children's story It is meeting of original children's story.
 We make coterie "Tuesday nokoron" once a year.
 We have you see work toward the writer of children's story once a year.
 We can make activity contents into visit.
 Activity day is Tuesday or Wednesday once a month.
 Homepage of meeting of Tsudanuma children's story

Partita mandolin guitar ensemble (performance of mandolin)

It is whole photograph in hand with mandolin For mandolin born in Italy, beautiful sound.
 When want to play beautiful favorite music; thought,
 Do you not enjoy ensemble together?
 From the midday of Sunday of week second on activity day, the fourth week to 3:00 p.m.
 Of partita mandolin guitar ensemble

Genki Funabashi power karate circle (empty-handed training)

Victory pose photograph of all the empty-handed children Heart of the martial arts of Japan,
 We yearn when we want you to acquire true gentleness and genuine strength.
 To child whom each one can win with each person's individuality carefully,
 We are active in motto in this.
 It is the morning of every Sunday on activity day.
 Enrollment Target from kindergarten, nursery school seniority.
 It is free to do visit, and experience is welcome.

Meeting (exercise of Noh song) of firewood

Photograph during Noh song wholehearted performance It is Noh song, Hosho school of noh lesson presentation circle.
 Lesson day from first Sunday, noon of even month to 6:00 p.m.
 As for the contents, ream chants 4-5 pieces of Noh songs (there is position respectively).
 Please come for visit once. The first participation is welcome.

String music ensemble flower sound (performance of stringed instrument)

Photograph which is practicing string music ensemble flower sound

 It is circle playing stringed instrument together. It is during recruitment of members now.
 One where member began violin after we became adult,
 Though entered orchestra in youth; dozens of years are blanks, too
 But, until 30 generations - 80 generations including a certain housewife, experience varies, too.
 It is loose and investigates pleasure pleasantly and practices.
 Any musical instrument OK's stringed instrument!
 We do presentation and volunteer performance a few times a year.
 Please come for visit anytime. Activity day is Tuesday.
 Homepage of string music ensemble flower sound

Eastern oil painting circle (production of oil painting)

Photograph during oil painting production We enjoy creation of cause oil painting of instruction of lecturer.
 We exhibit at combination exhibitions with city public hall circle every year,
 We deepen interchange. It is during recruitment of members now.
 Please come to visit.
 Activity day is all Tuesday twice a month.

Eastern Go circle (match of Go)

Photograph during Go match We enjoy Go. Furthermore, it depends on lecturer once a month
 To plan improvement lecture and the friendship; with two times a year of meetings,
 Exchange meeting with other circles,
 With party by volunteer after regular meeting a week,
 It is circle of harmoniousness.
 Member is 54 people in man and woman now.
 Without the left side of the stage, poorness, man and woman relations, please come.
 Activity day is the afternoon of every Wednesday.

The Funabashi City sign language circle sky (training of sign language)

Photograph during sign language exercise We can come across "live sign language" of deaf person.
 Regardless of one, experience that are interested in sign language.
 We take visit casually anytime.
 It is the night of Thursday a week in activity part every week.
 Homepage of the Funabashi City sign language circle sky 

NLEC (English conversation circle)

Photograph of NLEC Lecturer is American person.
 Person who is interested, please come for visit.
 Activity day on every month twice (week Monday third in the second week Monday)
 From 10:00 to 11:45.
 Activity place is Tobu Public Hall or Chuo Public Hall. 


Photograph during PC operation "We learn PC happily and use PC easily"
 We make motto. Activity contents of club,
 (1)Document, making of brochure poster
 (2)Taking picture of photograph, video, uptake, editing, processing to PC
 (3)My calendar, New Year's card, making of my business card
 (4)Digital camera shooting society that we go to the prefecture and nearby prefectures.
 In the one with interest, please come to visit.

 Activity day is (second week, Tuesday of the fourth week) twice a month.

Flowers (study of English conversation)

Photograph during English conversation exercise Teacher of lecturer dearuha American,
 We speak English freely happily.
 Level is average, the upper grade. It is during recruitment of members now.
 Visit is possible anytime.
 Please casually. It is welcome with man and woman.
 It is (the morning of Friday) three times every month on activity day.

Meeting of Tsudanuma words

It is whole photograph led by lecturer We write sentence and do reading (we read expression)
 It is circle. We issue collection of works once a year.
 We write sentence on activity day, but reading is Tuesday on Tuesday in the third week in the second week.
 Time from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00. 

Bamboo straight meeting

Photograph of school festival of bamboo straight meeting We study ensemble of shakuhachi and modern traditional Japanese music.
 Activity day is (second week, Thursday of the fourth week) twice every month.
 Time from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
 Even beginner is welcome. We look forward to.

Go friend society (match of Go)

State to beat against go Exercises of head! Improvement of willpower (go skill)!
 It is meeting of pleasant Go of harmoniousness.
 We start at 12:00 principle every Monday.
 Can anyone participate even how long?
 We can hit instruction go by advisor, too.
 There are two times a year of league matches or social gatherings, too.
 Please come for Shinnyu warm welcome, 1 degree visit.


Member of raurea Do you not move body to music of Fra happily?
 raurea is circle enjoying hula.
 It is begun with beginner regardless of age.
 Person who is interested in Fra, please come for visit anytime.
 The cause of instruction of two times a month of lecturers,
 We practice by the end of the morning on every Tuesday.

Each circle Contact information

Because Contact information of each circle is personal information, we do not publish in homepage. Person wanting to know the details of circle and person in hope of visit, the enrollment ask over telephone to Tobu Public Hall (telephone 047-477-7171) if there.

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